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About Us

Cysterly helps women to reverse their PCOS naturally without any pills or medications. We offer paid programs which includes nutrition & fitness plans, LIVE Sessions and personal one-on-one checks with our team

Why I started Cysterly

Roshni, founder of Cysterly

Hi there fellow Cyster! I’m Roshni and I am the founder of Cysterly. 

I have had PCOS from the age of 13 and I know how tough it is to live with it. People and Society judged me for being fat. I had constant cravings and low energy. Irregular periods. I felt alone and depressed. Doctors prescribed hormonal pills and I went through multiple cycles of treatments ranging from Ayurveda to Allopathy. All this made my health even worse. 

That’s when I decided to take things under my own control and started changing my life sustainably and naturally. More than 10 years later, I am now proud that I have been able to reverse my PCOS completely and I now live my life without taking any medications or pills.

I started Cysterly as I wanted to that person who can help cysters like you go through this reversal journey and help you live the life you want to live.

Roshni Chandrasekar
Founder, Cysterly Health